The following frequently asked questions are broken down into the different services we offer as a company, but below are general FAQ that relate to our company:


What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Venmo and PayPal (3% convenience fee associated), all major credit cards at the time of service (3% convenience fee associated), remote invoice through Square (4% convenience fee associated). We do not accept personal checks.



Do I tip the delivery team?

You do not have to but any tip is greatly appreciated. 10-20% is the typical amount.

What care do you provide as a moving company for my order being delivered?

We provide the utmost care in your delivery. Rest assured your order will be blanketed during transport, locked to the wall, and handled by professional staff. If you have any additional needs or requests for your delivery please let us know.

Do you offer insurance as a company for deliveries?

No, we are insured for general liability and cargo as required by NCUC but we cannot sell insurance. We establish a valuation before each job for the amount we are liable for in an event that something is damaged.

My item is being purchased “ASIS” or used do I need to do anything to prove damages were caused by your staff?

Yes, please take an ample amount of photographs of the items before us loading the item into our truck for transport. Please keep in mind that sometimes the stores move your items before pick up and damages do occur during this time. We do our best to notify the client of any large damages before loading. If there is a structural issue (might break or be damaged while being moved) please let us know so we can take extra care while moving the piece.

When do you schedule the delivery?

Depending on the time frame requested we deliver our deliveries as soon as possible to our clients.

How accurate are your ETAs given before your delivery?

We make every attempt to be on time (+99% on time). We ask every client to please be available 15 minutes early as we do arrive early sometimes. It is possible for unforeseen circumstances to occur and change the ETA of your delivery. If this does occur we will notify you of any changes so you can adjust your schedule. Please be patient as there are a lot of things that could happen and change the ETA (weather issues, traffic conditions, complicated deliveries, unplanned circumstances, delayed clients, etc).

I need to change the delivery address, how can I do this?

Contact us and let us know the address you want to change it to. Depending on the schedule and change in delivery location this may change your delivery quote.

Why is there a tax on my delivery? 

NCDOR requires all companies to charge a tax on any good that is being delivered from a retail location purchased by a customer. This tax is based on your local delivery location (sales tax).

How long of a wait is “Next Available Delivery”? 

As a discount to your delivery service we sometimes offer clients the choice of “Next Available Delivery”. Your order will be stored until we have enough orders to complete a delivery to your area. The time can change based on the economy and clients that are requesting deliveries. We will give you an estimate of the time it should take but you are receiving a discount to be completely flexible to receive your delivery any time or date with other orders.

What is a driveway delivery?

This is a discounted delivery where we would offload the item(s) you need delivered from the truck and not move them any further than that. If you need your items taken into your home it would be considered a normal delivery and you would not receive the discount.

What is a one man delivery?

We offer this discount for items that one of our team members can deliver on their own or with help from the client. There must be someone present at the delivery that is capable of helping our member to unload and deliver your item(s). If you are not able to help unload it will be your responsibility to find someone who is able to help. If you are not able to provide another person to assist in your delivery we will not be able to complete the one man delivery and you may be charged for returning the items. If you are not able and you do not have someone that can help you would not be able to receive the discount for a one man delivery.



Do you charge by the job, weight or by the hour?

We charge by the hour for any moving. Pricing is determined based the amount of work involved.

Do you offer insurance as a company for moves? 

No, we are insured for general liability and cargo as required by NCUC but we cannot sell insurance. We establish a valuation before each job for the amount we are liable for in an event that something is damaged. You can also check with your homeowners insurance as some policies do cover 3rd party movers.

What care do you provide as a moving company for my move?

We provide the utmost care in your move. Rest assured your order will be blanketed during transport, locked to the wall, and handled by professional staff. If you have any additional needs or requests for your items please let us know.

Is there a deposit for my move?

There is an “Administrative/Scheduling Fee” of 50% of the estimated cost of the move (which goes to the final price of your move). This fee is used to pay for the labor and time involved with scheduling your move, setting up the paperwork, etc.

Do you offer a refund for Administrative/Scheduling Fees?

Not always. This fee is to secure the date and time of your move. We will do our best to work with you if you need to reschedule but it will be dependent on our schedule. Please make sure you have double-checked your schedule to make sure your moving date doesn’t conflict with anything.

Do you have a minimum on moves?

No, but we do have a binding guarantee of at least three hours of work. A binding guarantee means you will be billed at least three of work. If you are flexible with the day and time we can add jobs that are less than three hours into our delivery schedule without a binding guarantee of three hours.

How accurate is your estimate for moves?

There are a lot of variables that go into moving a home, storage unit, or business. By discussing everything as accurately as possible this will help give an accurate estimate. Since we charge by the hour lying or not fully disclosing all information as throughly as possible will only hurt you and our schedule for the day.

Why do you only do small moves?

Ramsey Legacy Moving is a smaller locally veteran-owned business in Mars Hill, NC. Our goals and ambitions are not to be a larger moving company or to compete with large moving companies (local or nationwide). We pride ourselves in our services and the ability to assist our local community through personal care.

Do I need to tip the movers?

No, but if you feel like they did a great job in your move it is customary to tip 10-25% of the total moving cost. Moving is a very labor intense and stressful job. Each mover typically walks over 12,000 steps in a given day with hundreds of pounds of items.

Can I assist in my move?

Yes, you are more than welcome to assist in the move on a personal level. For insurance requirements, you are not allowed in any of our moving trucks or to ride with us anywhere. If you are wanting to help move please let us know ahead of time so we can add these changes into the schedule and estimate.

Can I add multiple pickup locations or moving jobs during the move?

Yes, please let us know ahead of time so we reflect on these changes in the schedule and estimate.

What happens in inclement weather?

As we more than likely can’t schedule you later in the week, we will proceed with the move just like normal. In the event there are severe weather conditions, we will decide if we can proceed or try to reschedule. The safety of our staff is our highest priority and if there is a call for heavy rain/lightning, hail/snow that would prevent us from keeping them safe we will not put them at risk.




Will I have access to my unit during storage?

If you let us know ahead of time we will set up your storage so you have access to your unit as much as you want. You will be liable for all items in your unit and keys/locks for your unit. If you would like us to handle the storage you will not have access unless discussed before setting up your storage agreement or paying all charges and labor incurred for access at any given point.

Are the units climate-controlled?

We do offer climate-controlled storage (additional fee). At the moment all of our units are climate controlled. We will be adding non-climate controlled units in the future.

Do I need climate-controlled storage?

This is a risk you will need to determine on your own. We are not responsible for damages due to being stored in a non-climate controlled unit (humidity, temperature fluctuations, pest damage, etc). We recommend not storing items longer than a month in a non-climate controlled unit because of the humidity that can damage furniture over long periods of time.

Can I ship things to the storage facility to put into my storage unit?

Sometimes. We do not have a loading dock and cannot accept tractor trailer deliveries at our location, if you can be sure they are coming VIA FedEx, UPS, DHL or USPS we may be able to accommodate your delivery. This will be on a case by case basis and there will be a charge for accepting delivery. We can pick items up at local mailing facilities to put into your unit (additional fee).

Is the storage facility gated and have 24/7 surveillance?

Yes, our storage facility is gated and has 24/7 surveillance. All of our units are limited access in a secure facility with a night watchman, camera surveillance, and motion detectors.