FAQ – “Next Available” Delivery

To receive the discount off a direct delivery you would need to be flexible on the delivery date/time you can accept your “next available” delivery. You and the other clients electing to wait until our “next available” delivery to your area are receiving this discount to combine orders with other clients’ orders to split the cost of direct delivery to your area.

How long does it usually take?
Depending on demand and customers’ orders, delivery dates range in the time frame. As soon as we secure enough orders to make the trip we send out a text to everyone letting them know we will be delivering their orders. It’s all based on demand and when we fill the truck. but the following is based on statistics gathered overtime for the areas:

Charlotte Area – Typically Every Other Week
*Knoxville Area – Typically Every Month
*Raleigh Area – Typically Every Other Month
*Atlanta Area – Typically Every Other Month
*Charleston Area – Typically Every Other Month
*Nashville Area – Typically Every Other Month
*indicates a new service and statistics are relatively new. The timeframe is based on recent deliveries.

Can my items be delivered before the typical delivery waits?
Yes, because it’s dependent on demand, and when we secure enough orders to make the trip sometime we could fill all the orders required in a day or a week and you save significantly by being flexible.

Can my items be delivered after the typical delivery waits?
Yes, because it’s dependent on demand, and when we secure enough orders to make the trip sometimes it could be later than typical wait times. Statistics are based on previous trips throughout the year and give an estimated time of wait. We do our best to deliver orders as fast as possible as we don’t want to store your items for free longer than we have to.

What if I need my items by a certain date/time?
“Next available” delivery is not the option for you and you will need to ask about a direct delivery that meets your deadlines. Storage is usually quoted as well if the items won’t be delivered until a certain date as you are next flexible on when you can accept your order.

Where are my items stored when waiting for the “next available” delivery to my area?
After we pick up your items from the retail store we bring them back to our facility to put into storage until our next available delivery to your area and loaded again when a scheduled date has been established for my delivery.

Are there any costs with storing my items for “next available” delivery?
No there is no additional cost for storing your items with us during this time. There is only a storage charge if you fail to accept the next available delivery with our company and we have to store your items until the following delivery attempt. Please make sure you can be home or have someone available to let our team inside and sign for your items (18+ years of age).

What if I want my order sooner after I have elected for “next available”?
Depending on the orders we have already obtained after your order we sometimes can charge additional (typically the remaining amount we need to make the trip) to expedite your order in the timeframe you need. If we do not have any other orders at the time it would be the direct delivery cost just for your order.

What if I’m out of the area during the scheduled delivery date?
We cannot reschedule your delivery so you will need to make arrangements for someone to accept delivery at your home. You can have a friend/family member accept delivery on your behalf (at least 18 years of age).

What if I want to cancel or pick the items up from your location?
You are more than welcome to pick your items up at our location if you change your mind but you will be charged the delivery fee. If we have not picked up your order from the store than there is no fee invovled and we will remove it from our scheudle. Please note we pickup orders as soon as we receive delivery agreements back from clients (typically 24hrs).