Getting Ready For Your Delivery

Once again we want to thank you for choosing Ramsey Legacy Moving for your delivery needs! Here are a few suggestions to consider before your upcoming delivery from us:

  • Please note that it is YOUR responsibility to inspect and take photos of the conditions of your items. In the event that damages occur we will need photos to go off of for claims purposes.

  • We are not responsible for taking an inventory of your items (unless you are choosing Full Value Protection) and the conditions must be noted.

  • When choosing valuation please read the information before making your choice. Basic Valuation only pays $0.60 per pound of weight of your item if damages occur. Full Value Protection guarantees either replacement, reimbursement for the full replacement cost (as determined by current market value), repairs, or the cost of repairs to damaged item(s) to the extent necessary to restore the item to the same condition as when received by the carrier. Full Valuation has an additional charge of $0.75/$100 of value and you choose the value you want on your order.

  • It is the choice of the carrier if we will replace, reimburse or repair your item(s) in the event of any damages.

  • Please make sure you are home during scheduled etas from Ramsey Legacy Moving. We work hard to keep within all our etas given out to our clients. Please make sure you are home and ready to accept your delivery.

  • Please put up pets prior to us arriving at your home. We love animals but we don’t want to step on your pets while moving furniture into your home.

  • Please have all old furniture or area clear where items will be delivered.

  • Please have hallways, porches, paths, stairs clear of any objects that might be hit, stepped on, tripped on, or may fall or break if hit (lamps, picture frames, etc).

  • Our methods of payment are the following: 


    Venmo (3% Conv Fee)

    Credit/Debt Present (3% Conv Fee) 

    PayPal (3% Conv Fee) 

    Invoice (4% Conv Fee)

    *If paying by cash please have exact change or to the nearest dollar including your local tax rate (NC deliveries only)

  • Please have payment ready in advance. If you are paying cash remember to calculate your local tax rate (county/state) along with your delivery price.

  • If you would like to tip your delivery team they would certainly appreciate it but it is not required. A simple thank you or compliment goes a long way. Movers always enjoy cold water or sports drink as they typically don’t get many breaks during the delivery day. Thank you for thinking of them as they work very hard to make sure everything goes perfect for your delivery.

  • Deliveries must be paid in full before any any claims may be opened.

For a list of frequently asked questions visit: FAQ