Junk Removal/Donations

We now offer Junk removal and help to get items to donation centers. All of our pricing is based on the work involved and the materials that will be removed.

Minimum of $135 for pickup unless added to one of our other services.




Examples of things we accept (small loads):

Old Furniture (not outdoor furniture)

Old Appliances (must not have any liquids)

Recyclable Cardboard (moving boxes, new packaging, etc)

Recyclables (must be bagged separately or we can help bag)

Metal (must not have any materials mixed)

General Trash (must be bagged or we can help bag)


Examples of things we do not accept:

-Paint (spray paint, epoxies, any interior/exterior paint)

-Liquids (paints, chemicals, oil, antifreeze, gas, diesel, etc)

-Debris (branches, leaves, old plants) solution would be to start a compost pile on the property


Landfill-only items ($100+ cost of disposal/labor involved):

-Large loads

-Construction debris


-Computer Components



Donations: Please see the following page in regard to donations