Pickup and Delivery Services

Ramsey Legacy Moving offers the best in pickup and delivery services. Our staff have well over 17+ years of experience in the antique/furniture industry. With dedicated professionals handling your delivery, you can have the peace of mind that your items will arrive undamaged and just the way you purchased it in-store.



A Room Of Choice Delivery is a delivery that is requested during quoting where our delivery staff will deliver your items to the room of your choice at your home. Our staff will place the item in the desired area and nothing more. Please note we quote based on the information provided at the time of quoting, adding additional carrying or additional flights of stairs can increase the quoted price.

NEXT AVAILABLE DELIVERY (Areas Beyond 2hrs From Asheville, NC)

A Next Available Delivery is a delivery where we pickup and store your item until we have multiple orders heading to the same area. We currently only offer this to the Charlotte area. To receive a discount off a normal delivery (direct) the client will need to be able to receive their item on the date and time that we set whenever we have multiple orders ready. if you have a large order of multiple items (half of our truck or more) or if you are needing your order by a certain date or time you might want to think about a normal delivery (direct).


A White Glove Delivery is the best our company can offer in regards to a delivery. Our staff will take the required time to do every step in the process of a delivery to where you starting using your product right away. In a White Glove Delivery we will delivery your items to the room of your choice, set up your items (assembly/leveling) and do any other service that you might need to accomplish while delivering (trash removal, rug staging, moving older furniture to another area for the new items, etc). This service is added in addition to your normal delivery price.


A Driveway Delivery is what most delivery companies such as USPS/Fed-Ex/UPS do on a daily basis. Our staff will unload your order in your driveway, they will attempt to get as close as they can to your front door but they wont assist moving the items past unloading from the delivery truck.


A One-Person Delivery is a delivery that takes place with only one person, client (or help) will need to be present at time of delivery to assist unloading their order. This delivery option is designed to save money for smaller order or lighter orders to destinations further than our typical delivery area in Asheville, NC.

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Visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) if you have a question about our services. If you need a quote/estimate, or have a question not covered in our FAQ contact us at the following:

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