Residential Moving Services

Ramsey Legacy Moving is dedicated to giving you a stress-free moving experience. Our staff is composed of professionals that can handle almost any moving job. We specialize in only small moving solutions for residential homes, small businesses, and storage units.

What areas do you cover?

We specialize in smaller moves in the local area (35 miles or less between location) but you can always ask if the area you are looking to move from or to is less than two hours away to see if we can accommodate. 

Packing Done Right

All of our staff are educated in the proper placing and packing of items while loading and unloading our moving trucks. By packing items correctly this minimizes accidents from a careless placing of boxes and furniture.

Special Requests

Have a special request? We would be glad to assist you with any additional moving requests.

Stretch Wrap

We love to stretch wrap furniture as this helps prevent any nicks or damages while moving. We can stretch wrap any piece of furniture on request (additional fee).


Get peace of mind from our professional moving staff that can bubble wrap and pack/unpack all of your items professionally (additional fee). We even take the extra time to label each box so it saves time when it comes to unloading everything and placing each box in a dedicated room.


Need boxes or supplies for your next move?Contact us to see if we have the items you need in stock, if not we can always make a special order just for you!


Visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) if you have a question about our services. If you need a quote/estimate, or have a question not covered in our FAQ contact us at the following:

Call or Text (fastest response) (828) 844-0408