New Storage Client Information

Thank you for choosing Ramsey Legacy Storage for your storage needs. Please take the time to read the following so you have an idea of how to operate the gate/garage door (coming soon) to access your items on holidays/after-hours (dawn-dusk)/closed business days.


Rent is due at the start of your next billing cycle (typically monthly). If you have any questions you can contact us via TXT/email in regards. There is a five-day grace period after which there will be a 10% fee added to your current invoice. Your pin used to enter the property may be deactivated or the storage unit locked out until paid in full. If you are having trouble paying please contact us to see if we can work with you on a payment plan.


Gate Hours Of Operation (Open)


9 am – 430 pm

Closed On Weekends/Holidays/Emergencies

(Pinpad) Gate Access:


Dawn to Dusk

No Customers Are Allowed On The Property Before/After This Time (Insurance Requirements/Security)

Pinpad (Gate Operations)

  1. Type your four-digit pin into the pin pad followed by the # symbol

  2. Wait for the gate to open fully then enter the property (the gate is on a five-second timer)

  3. If a person is following you onto the property (guest/help) wait for the gate to open fully then type your pin in the pin pad once more followed with the # symbol you should hear a loud beep signaling you have stopped the timer that closes the gate. This will allow the individual to follow you on the property as well. Customers are liable for any guest they bring on the property if property damage occurs.

  4. When exiting the property please drive up to the gate and the sensor should pick up your vehicle as you approach. In the event, it does not walk around the fence and enter your pin manually again and the gate will operate.

Pinpad (Garage Door – Indoor Units) (Coming Soon)



Emergency Contact Number (828) 551-0995 (Please Text First) Reminder Hours Of Access Is Dawn to Dusk.