Thank you for your interest in our services. Below is how we price your order. Please note we do not offer flat rates as we dont want to overcharge you as a client and undercharge where we as a company lose money on the order. Pricing may change based on previous deliveries we have done for you depending on the work involved in the current order, orders we have going to your area, the timeframe you need the order by, space used in the moving truck.

45% of your quoted price goes to paying individual workers a living wage for the labor involved in the delivery. Most of the orders we deliver are not easy pieces and require extensive labor involved. Depending on the difficulty of the delivery it may require more technique and additional time involved. We are paying individuals the time to properly load, transport, unload every order. 

25% of your quoted price goes to fuel, wear/tear, fluids, maintenance, tires, etc for the delivery vehicle.

10% of your quoted price goes to liability insurance for the vehicle, cargo insurance, general liability, and any professional fees involved. 

15% of your quoted price goes to growth for the company (acquisition of new delivery trucks, equipment, blankets, straps, materials, etc). 

5% of your quoted price goes to admin fees (office expenses, labor, utilities, etc).

Ramsey Legacy has always offered a premium service above everyone else and is the main reason we are in business still after three years. We have delivered over 2800+ deliveries with little to no issues and moved over 300,000+ pieces of furniture on various moves over the years.