Securing Your Upcoming Move

Thank you for reaching out to us about your upcoming move. We are going to quickly go over some of the steps in the process of scheduling your upcoming move, how to secure your upcoming move, and what happens after securing your move.


Scheduling Process:

  1. The client decides on the potential date(s) for their upcoming move and gathers a list/photos of all the items involved for an accurate estimate.

  2. The client reaches out to discuss details to get an accurate estimate for the time involved in their upcoming move. 

  3. Ramsey Legacy will send our required agreements and an invoice for the admin/scheduling fee involved in their upcoming move.

  4. The client checks their calendar and any appointments to make sure their moving day(s) don’t conflict with any appointments/meetings.

  5. The client reads over the conditions and pays for the admin/scheduling fee involved.

  6. Ramsey Legacy will schedule the moving days and start working on the paperwork involved in your upcoming move.




What is the admin/scheduling fee?  The admin/scheduling fee is a fee we charged for the labor and time involved to set up your move with our company. We typically charge 50% of the estimated costs of the move. This fee will go towards the final costs of the move. 

Why do you charge an admin/scheduling fee? The admin/scheduling fee is a fee we charged for the labor and time involved to set up your move with our company. This fee covers the loss if a client cancels with our company. This is why it is important to double-check your calendar so you don’t have anything conflict with your scheduled moving date(s) with our company. 

Is the admin/scheduling fee reimbursable? No, you are paying this fee to secure the dates on our calendar and the time/labor involved to set up your move.

What happens if I don’t pay the admin/scheduling fee? We will not schedule your move and another client can request the dates you are looking at.

What happens if there is an issue at closing (house) or we need to reschedule? We will work as best as we can to be flexible with your moving dates but we can’t guarantee we can reschedule your moving dates. Our advice is to schedule a month out to your actual move or add a few days to make sure your closing goes smoothly.

What if I dont have the money yet for the admin/scheduling fee? We accept credit card payments as well (4% conv. fee involved).

Can I pay cash/check? Yes you can, cash will need to pay at our location in Mars Hill, NC during our business hours. A check can be mailed (need a least a week for mailing time) or dropped off in person at our store location in Mars Hill, NC as well. 

How does the admin/scheduling fee work towards the final costs of the move?

Example: The client is billed hourly for their upcoming move. After the move is complete the customer is charged $1650 for the total time involved. The customer was charged before the move $800 for the admin/scheduling fee. The final cost of the move ($1650) minus the admin/scheduling fee ($800) would be $850 due at the end of their move.