Welcome To The Team

Please take a momemnt to read over the following pdf document about our policies and procedures. You will need to read, print and sign that you understand the information provided at the end. Bring this on your first day working.




Ramsey Legacy Pay Scale:



Company Rules:

– Respond as soon as you can to text/calls from the company

-Give as much notice if something interfeers with a schedule work day (sick, emergency, car trouble)

-Be ready to work and have a good attitude during the day

-Be polite and professional to clients/businesses


Helpful Links:

What is Contract Labor?


Estimating Income Tax for 1099 Contract Labor?

Estimating Tax Payments for Independent Contractors

If you have any questions about anything please let me know via email (ramseylegacymoving@gmail.com) or text (828) 844-0408.