Why Choose Us?

Here at Ramsey Legacy Moving we pride ourselves in excellent services. Our hand-picked teams are dedicated to giving you the best experience possible in your delivery or move.

Company Statistics

Current as of 08/24/2020

Deliveries – 100% Success Rate – No issues (Incidents 0 out of 3120 deliveries)
Moves – 99.999% Success Rate – No issues (Incidents 5 out of 500,000+ objects moved)


Ramsey Legacy Moving (alongside a very successful success rate on services performed) has general liability and cargo insurance. We haven’t had to use either of these policies as we have corrected any mishap instantly versus fighting insurance companies for compensation for any issue. Moving is by far one of the hardest industries to prevent human error/damages from occurring (as we move thousands of items in a given move), but we stand by our teams and do what we can to prevent any damages occurring (see statistics).

Shop Local Support Local

Ramsey Legacy Moving is a small Veteran owned business here in Asheville, NC. The owner Dustin Ramsey was raised in Mars Hill, NC (25 minutes north of Asheville, NC) and family has been in business in Asheville for over 30+ years (Antique Tobacco Barn/Reliks Home and Garden). The majority of our purchases come from the local economy (insurance, marketing, labor, fuel, materials, rentals, storage, etc..). We always seek out a local service/product before purchasing nationally and we always try to purchase USA goods to support the US economy.


Ramsey Legacy Moving is proud of our teams and compensates accordingly for the performance they provide. We spend roughly 45% of our entire income on labor. All of our teams are paid living wages and higher than the national averages for delivery and moving employees. On top of this, we give performance bonuses to our teams for outstanding services.

Always Improving

We want to make sure we provide you the best in services in the future that’s why we are always improving our company and procedures to eliminate waste, excessive spending, efficiency, faster processing systems, higher success rates in services performed, and detailed suggestions from our clients.


We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and we are recommended constantly by the businesses we partner with and happy customers. More than likely you are reading this because of that and we are so thankful to every one of them for referring us. We are blessed to have such a wonderful community we work with each day.